Branded Jars

Penny-Sweets-Jar-Hotel-245x300Branded Jars and Tubs are a stunning way to make an impression and we have a whole range of different jars that can be personalised to your requirements.  You can choose from:

  • Little plastic tubs and buckets
  • Large Plastic Sweetshop-style Jars
  • Beautiful old-fashioned Glass Kilner Jars
  • Small Mini Glass Jars (with personalised mop-tops)
  • Dinky Glass Jars (these are tiny! Ideal to fill with colourful Jelly Beans!)

We can fill the jars with retro Penny Mix sweets (our most popular filling by far!) or with sweets that match your brand colours…. you have around 600 different sweets to choose from.

Visit to find the right sweet for your branded jars… or give us a call on 01254 262160 and we’ll help you to choose.





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