hampermed-272x300Our stunning hampers don´t have any of that hay filler, or those annoying plastic wotsits (that take forever to clean up – grrr!)… our hampers are filled to the brim with all the most nostalgic, retro sweets we all remember from our childhoods.  We can barely close the lids (really!).

They´re seriously HEAVY (our Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper weighs in at a massive 13.6 kg… that’s the same weight as a Cocker Spaniel!), and perfect for sending to a customer you value – a gift like this will make them love you forever (and will earn you countless brownie points!).

Our sweet hampers are also fantastic Christmas presents for whole departments… what a brilliant way to wish them a Happy Christmas and to thank them for all their hard work.

pressies3-copy2-300x270Imagine this: your best customer gets to the office, thinking it’s going to be just another normal day, and ‘Hey! What’s this?’, they see a beast of a box (sent by you) sitting on their desk.  They open it and…’Wooooa!!!!  Look everyone!!!! Who on earth could have sent this???’.  Bingo.  They will associate you with happiness, fond memories, and a very very cool and quirky brand.

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