Who Are We?

boyWe are the Corporate arm of the UK´s biggest (and most loved!) online sweetshop: www.AQuarterOf.co.uk

The A Quarter Of Corporate Department specialises in volume Corporate Gift orders:

Branded Large Wooden Boxes of Nostalgia
Personalised Printed Cardboard Boxes (stunning patterns!) filled with Sweets
Retro Sweet Hampers
Personalised Giveaway Bags of Sweets (any type, any colour, any weight!)
Large Branded Sweetshop Jars
Small branded Glass Gift Jars
Personalised Old-Fashioned Kilner Jars

If you didn´t know www.AQuarterOf.co.uk, then you can visit the site here.

And here is the A Quarter Of story:

warehouse11We came up with the idea for a fun, old fashioned sweetshop after a conversation in a pub!

We trundled off down memory lane, remembering all the sweets that we used to buy from the little sweetshop at the end of our road (on the way to school – most convenient!!). It was called “The Chocolate Box”.

We were certain that the idea would not get any further because they couldn’t possibly still make the sweets that we remembered with such fond memories… I mean if they DID still make them surely we would have seen them around… and we hadn’t…
But in most cases they did (and do) still make them!!!

And so the idea was born.

Then we needed a look for the site… and that’s where the comic that we used to read when we were young came in – Whizzer and Chips (now sadly defunct) – we wanted an online sweetshop that looked like the comic.

And that’s where we struck gold because we found a superstar cartoonist to draw the cartoons for A Quarter Of – to give it the perfect feel. His name is Colin Whittock and he is an absolute marvel. One of the best bits of working at A Quarter Of, apart from the sweet tasting of course (which we do over and over!!), is when Colin sends us new drawings – they are just fab and always bring a smile… You can see more of Colin’s gems at his web site www.colinwhittock.co.uk/.

The final element that inspired A Quarter Of was a book I loved when I was young – it was (and is) fab! You can read more about it by following this link – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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